Portal 2 Sound replacement

This is a project I did practicing linear sound design for one of my favorite games. Focused more on Sci-Fi sounds that had an old mechanical feel to them.

The Building Toy

This is my friends thesis project for her final year at school. It is a VR experience utilizing the HTC Vive. I'm working with her and her team developing sounds to go with this new and interesting world. This project is still under development.

VR Project Website

Space Shooter

Another free game from the Unity Asset Store. This one is called Space Shooter. Store Page 

I made interactive music with Ableton and FMOD Studio. The different parts of the music are triggered based on score. I also have a low pass filter raise it's cutoff frequency as the score went up. I again added SFX with Pro Tools and FMOD Studio and tried to make it interesting. I implemented all the audio into Unity with C# so that it would behave correctly. 

Survival Shooter

This is a free game from the Unity Asset Store. This one is called Survival Shooter. Store Page

 I downloaded it and removed all the sound that came with it. I then created music and SFX from scratch and implemented them into Unity with FMOD Studio.


This is an original game that I made in Unity. I made the art, wrote the code, and made all the music and SFX. The audio was implemented using the Unity Audio Engine and some C# scripts.

Ocarina Of Time Sound Replacement